Monday, September 17, 2018

Teacher Education Programs in Kingston, NJ

New Teacher Education Programs are being offered at the New School for Music Study in Kingston, New Jersey. Programs include fellowships, apprenticeships, applied teaching practicums, pedagogy courses, workshops, and summer intensives.

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*****Frances Clark Center Apprenticeship Program
Foundational teaching experiences for recent music school graduates and new professionals. A certificate will be awarded at completion of three terms.

Three terms of 10 weeks each.

Cost: $2500 - coursework, practicum, program books, and materials. Private piano instruction is additional. Scholarships available.


Fall Term 1 - October 1-December 14, 2018 (application deadline September 21, 2018
Winter-Term II - January 7-March 15, 2018 (application deadline November 1, 2018)
Spring - Term III - April 1-June 14, 2019 (application deadline February 1, 2019)

To apply for the apprenticeship program, click the link below:

*****Pedagogy Course and Applied Teaching Practicum
Five pedagogy sessions. Special topics, guest appearances by master pedagogues through FCC Residency Program. Focuses on observation of lessons and classes at the New School of Music Study

Cost Pedagogy with Practicum: $475.00 per term


Fall-Term 1 - October 1-December 14, 2018 (Registration September 1-30, 2018)
Winter-Term II - January 7-March 15, 2018 (Registration December 1-28, 2018)
Spring-Term III- April 1-June14, 2019 (Registration 1-31, 2019)

Pedagogy only (2-hour course, five sessions per term) - $250.00
Practicum only (10 hours of guided observation) - $250.00

To register for the pedagogy course, click the link below:

*****Frances Clark Center Residency Program
Seminars on special topics.

Dr. Jennifer Snow - Wednesday, November 7, 2018, 10:00 AM-12:00 PM
Dr. Catherine Kautsky - Wednesday, February 27, 2019. 10:00 AM-12:00 PM
Dr. Sara Ernst - May 2019, TBA

Cost: $30.00, free if enrolled in pedagogy course and Clavier Companion subscribers

The New School for Study
4543 Rt. 27
Kingston, NJ  08528

To register for the residency program, click the link below: