Monday, November 23, 2020

Premiere of David Finko's tour de force for Soprano and Piano


Dear Friend,

On Sunday, November 29 at 7:00 PM EST, immerse yourself in an evening of Romantic tragedy with soprano Holly Gash and me as we premiere David Finko's tour de force opera for soprano and piano, The Diaries of Maria Bashkirtseva.  This 2018 masterpiece captures the emotional turmoil of the Russian painter and diarist as she faces death from tuberculosis at age 25.  Alongside songs and preludes of Rachmaninoff, and the premiere of Finko's Piano Sonata No. 5 (2020), this will be a program of high drama and power!


"One of the finest pianists of his generation."
— David Canfield, Fanfare Archive

Monday, November 16, 2020

Crescendo International Music Competition 2020-2021


You are invited to take part in the Crescendo International Music Competition 2020-21!!

Time to register for December 6, 2020 at Philadelphia, PA


 live via zoom auditions or pre-recoded video submissions.

All participants must register and apply online:

Please make sure that you applying to our Pennsylvania State addition day December 6 regardless if you chosen Live via Zoom or prerecorded submissions

Any questions? Please text PA Reginal Director Olga Bondarchuk-Huque at 267-334-1787

Crescendo International Music Competition is a youth music competition held annually since 2007. 

All fees are non-refundable:

Solo Performance: $85 

Duet: $130

Trio: $175

Ensemble of 4 or more members: $50 per member

Only one application form per duet or an ensemble is required.


Deadline for auditions applications is 7 days prior to the audition date.


First round - Auditions (Live via Zoom auditions or video recording evaluation).  Based on the performance Judges assigned a score that determines contestant's placement.  Evaluation also includes written comments and recommendations.

Students who cannot attend live via Zoom auditions may provide a link to a video of their performance on YouTube or another video sharing service.

Videos must be in one continuous shot, without edits. Artistic maturity. 

Students may enter the competition more than once (performing on different instruments or as vocalists, or as a member on ensemble).


Crescendo International Music Competition is open to all instrumentalists (Piano, Strings and Winds), vocalists, duets and ensembles ages 5-22.

Participants will be grouped according to their age on the date of their auditions: 

5-7 y.o; 8-10 y.o; 11-14 y.o; 15-18 y.o; 19-22 y.o.

Each group will be divided into three competing categories: Junior, Intermediate or Advanced, based on the student's experience. 


  • One selection of Baroque, Classical, Romantic or Modern work must be chosen and performed from memory. Arrangements, simplified editions, popular music and/or non-classical music from method books are not acceptable.
  • One composition per application will be accepted.
  • Participants may apply to auditions more than once (performing on another instrument/voice, or being part of ensemble).
  • No changes in the submitted repertoire may be made once a contestant is admitted: the same composition must be performed at both rounds of the competition.
  • No repeats are allowed at the audition performances.
  • "Shortened" version won't be accepted.
  • There is no time limit imposed at the auditions. Judge may interrupt the performance anytime.
  • Compositions that exceed the allotted time of 6 min may be "shortened" for the Winners' recital to avoid the extra time fee.

 Note: Dear colleagues, please avoid Beethoven’s “Fur Elise” and I movement of Beethoven’s Sonata No 14.

Teachers with five, or more students who achieved First and Second Place honors will receive a Certificate of Excellence. 

To recognize outstanding teachers, we proudly announce Teacher Appreciation Awards 2021:

  • Teacher of the Year (10 awards) 
  • Crescendo Educator Award (10 Awards)
  • “My favorite Teacher” Award (10 Awards)
Teachers’ award includes Certificate and Monetary