Sunday, January 20, 2019

Bucks County Association of Piano Teachers Round Table Meeting January 11, 2019

The Bucks County Association of Piano Teachers presented their round table on January 11. Teachers shared their tips, tricks, and advice on various topics.

Adelaide Robins shared tips on How to Teach Scales. She begins with five finger scales and asks children to trace their fingers on paper and number them. She progresses to skips and steps, major and minor, whole steps and half steps. Eventually students learn  scales in 2 octaves and the order of sharps and flats.

Cindy Tenaglia demonstrated teaching tips for young pianists and how to teach by rote. She played various examples of simple pieces that keep learning exciting.

And Jennifer Hansen, BCAPT Treasurer, shared various teaching materials including Keith Snell's Multi-Key Reading, Keith Snell's Scale Skills, and William Joseph's Be Still. Bastien's new series entitled New Traditions, was also discussed as a new take on a popular series.

We thank all of the teachers for their time and insights.

                                                       Adelaide Robins

                                                         Cindy Tenaglia

                                                       Jennifer Hansen

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