Sunday, April 14, 2019

Bucks County Association of Piano Teachers Spring Recitals Cairn University April 6, 2019 at 1:00PM and 2:30PM

Bucks County Association of Piano Teachers
Spring Recital
Saturday, April 6, 2019 at 1:00PM

Manor Hall
Cairn University
200 Manor Ave.
Langhorne, PA  19047


Un Sospiro by Liszt
Performed by Cassie, Cairn University Piano Major '22

Hey, Hey Look at Me by Faber
Elephant Ride by Faber
Performed by Zoe

The Bear by Faber
Phantom of the Keys by Faber
Performed by Zane

There's a Hippo in My Tree by Alexander
The Lion Sleeps Tonight by Weiss/Peretti/Linda/Creatore
Performed by Zoe

The Frog by Miller 
Captain Hook's Rockin' Party by Faber
Performed by Russell

Jumpin' Jazz Cat by Faber
Performed by Talia

Allegro, Op. 62, No. 10 by Berens
Performaed by Talia and Mrs. Lorrie

Most of All I Like Rainbows by Faber
Performed by Mollie

500 Years of Melody Arranged by Faber
Performed by Lily and Mollie

Never Enough from The Greatest Showman by Pasek/Paul
Performed by Lily

Dream Echo by Lancaster
Performed by August Grace

Zip A Dee Doo Dah Arranged by Faber
Performed by August Grace and Mrs. Lorrie

Mountain Rhapsody by Costley
Performed by Lucas

Bumble Boogie by Fina
Performed by Nick

Waltz in B Minor  by Schubert
Performed by Alexandra

Seascape by Gillock
Fountain of Diana by Gillock
Performed by Anton

The Scarlet Cape by Federer
Performed by Anton and Maxwell

Rondo alla Turca by Mozart
Performed by Maxwell

Musette in D, BWV Anh. 126 by Bach
Waltz in D Major by Schubert
Performed by Nicholas

Sonata in C Major, Op, 20, No. 1 1. Allegro by Kuhlau
Performed by Brandi

Classical Folly by Coates
Performed by Yuliya

Toccata in D Minor by Neefe
Performed by Joanna

Sonata No. 17 in D Minor I. Largo-Allergro by Beethoven
Performed by Theresa

Prelude in C-sharp Minor, Op. 3, No. 2 by Rachmaninoff
Performed by Varun


Spring Recital
Saturday, April 6, 2019 at 2:30PM

Un Sospiro by Liszt
Performed by Cassie, Cairn University Piano Major '22

Pony Express by Faber
Performed by Benny

Happy Red by Faber
Performed by Adam

Winter Wind by Faber
Performed by Bella

Bluebird, Bluebird  Arranged by Ksiazek
Performed by Adam, Bellam and Benny

Spirit of the West by Bober
Performed by Mark

The Stars and Stripes Forever March by Sousa/Matz
Performed by Mark Cai and Steven

Sonatina in F by Beethoven
Performed by Steven

Imperial March by Williams/Coates
Performed by Steven Liu and Alex

Sonata in D by Albeniz
Rondo alla Turca by Mozart
Performed by Alex

Antique Dance by Hofe
A 16th-Century March by Anonymous
March Militaire by Schubert/arr. Bastien
Performed by Elijah

Russian Folk Dance by Beethoven
Little Prelude by Schytte
Performed by Ava

The Clown by Kabalevsky
Performed by Keira

Minuet in G by Bach
Canon by Pachelbel/arr. Schaum
Little Prelude with Variations by Schytte/arr. Ash
Performed by Dominik

The Entertainer by Joplin/arr. Faber
Popcorn by Miller/Ksiazek
Performed by Noah

The Night Horseman by Bober
Wild Horses by Mier
Performed by Ryan

Energico by Faber
Performed by Juliet

Swirling Winds by Vandall
Performed by Juliet and Mrs. Lorrie

Sonatina, Op. 36, No. 1 I. Allegro, II. Andante, III. Vivace by Clementi
Performed by David

Avalanche, Op. 45, No. 2 by Heller
Performed by Ivan

The Girl with the Pearl Earrings bu Rollin
Washington Crossing the Delaware by Rollin
Performed by Phoebe

Sonatina in C by Latour
Performed by Aaron

Minuet in G by Bach
Scherzo, Op. 149, No. 6 by Diabelli
Performed by Aaron and Amanda

Impromptu, Op. 142, Np. 3 Theme and Variations by Schubert
Performed by Amanda

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