Monday, February 24, 2020

Bucks County Association of Piano Teachers Winter Festival February 22, 2020 2:30pm Cairn University

Bucks County Association of Piano Teachers
Winter Festival
Cairn University
Langhorne, PA
February 22, 2020

Night of the Tarantella by N. Faber
Performed by Ryan

Neon Lights by M. Goldston
Performed bhy Ryan and Mrs. Ksiazek

Yankee Doodle Traditional/Faber
Firefly by R. and N. Faber
Performed by Sadie and Mrs. Ksiazek

Rondo A Capriccio by L. Beethoven/Agay
Performed by Noah and Mrs. Ksiazek

Chim Chim Cheree by R. and R. Sherman/Faber
Performed by Ella and Mrs. Ksiazek

Simple Gifts Shaker Melody/C. Matz
Performed by Mark and Steven

The Horseman's Night Ride by N. and R. Faber
Performed by Jackson and Mrs. Ksiazek

Your Turn to Rock by M. Goldston
Performed by Jackson and Allie

Russian Folk Dance Traditional/Faber
Gallop Pony by N. and R. Faber
Performed by Allie and Mrs. Ksiazek

Sakura Japanese Arr. by J. Bastien
Harp Prelude by L. Kohler
Performed by Jacon Nusca

Mo Li Hwa Traditional Chinese Arr. by J. Bastien
Waltz of the Winter Wind by J. Bastien
Performed by Jared

Hot Pursuit by R. Vandall
Performed by Hannah, Olivia, and Rachel

Spanish Dance by C. Rollin
Fire Dance by C. Rollin
Performed by Hannah

Participating teachers: Jennifer Hansen, Lorrie Ksiazek, and Vivian Read

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