Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Bucks County Association of Piano Teachers Winter Festival February 23, 2020 1:00pm Jacobs Music Doylestown

Bucks County Association of Piano Teachers
Winter Festival
Jacobs Music
Doylestown, PA
February 23, 2020

White Sand by C. Norton
Sonatina in F by A. Diabelli
Performed by Nathan 

Climbing by T.R. MacLachlan
Performed by Dina and Libby

Etude in A minor by L. Kohler/ E.L. Lancaster 
Performed by Libby and Mr. Kreminski

Allegro by A. Diabelli
Performed by Dina and Mr. Garipov

Sky Country by R. Perdew
Performed by David

Album Leaf by F. Chopin
Performed by Austin

Fountain in the Rain by W. Gillock
Performed by Justin and Austin 

Toccatina by D. Kabalevsky
Performed by Justin

Prelude in C minor BWV 999 by J.S. Bach
Performed by Justin

To the Rising Sun by T. Torjussen
Performed by Jerry

Military March by F. Schubert
Performed by Jerry and Alan

Two Ladies Gossiping by A. Khachaturian
Performed by Matthew

Radetzky March by J. Strauss
Performed by Matthew and Bridgett

Sonata in G K.283 by W.A. Mozart
Performed by Amit

Arabesque No.1 in E Major by C. Debussy
Performed by Adelle

Liebestraum by F. Liszt
Performed by Lea

Homage a Chopin by E. Grieg
Performed by Nathan 

Valse by S. Rachmaninov
Performed by Alan

Etude de Concerto No.3 by F. Liszt
Performed by Bridgett

Slavonic Dance Op.46, No.8 by A. Dvorak
Performed by Alan and Nathan

  Participating Teachers: Lorrie Ksiazek, Irina Luyre, Olga Smirnova

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