Monday, November 11, 2019

Bucks County Association of Piano Teachers Fall and Halloween Recital 1:00PM November 2, 2019 at Cairn University

Bucks County Association of Piano Teachers
Fall and Halloween Recital
Cairn University
Manor Hall
November 2, 2019

Polonaise in Ab Op. 53 by F. Chopin
Performed by Caleb, Cairn University piano performance major

The Duet from Corpse Bride by D. Elfman
Performed by Keira and Amanda

Ghost Waltz by E, McLean
Performed by Keira

Scherzo from Sonata in F Hob. XVI:9 by Haydn
Spooky Games by D.C. Glover
Performed by Aaron

Waltz Op.39, No.13 by D. Kabalevsky
German Dance by L. Beethoven
Performed by Nilan

March of the Spooks by C. Porter
Performed by Mark

Spook House by J. Bastien
Bells Are Ringing by J. Schaum
Performed by Sofia

Creepy Creaky Sounds by M, Mier
Swing Your Partner by W. Gillock
Performed by Maria

Cool Ghoul by C. Rollin
Festive Sonatina Mvt. III, Vivace by R, and N. Faber
Performed by Ryan

It's a Mystery by M. Bober
Performed by Naisha 

Colorful Sonatina Mvt. III, Happy Red by N. Faber
Performed by Naisha with Mrs. Ksiazek

In the Hall of the Mountain King by E. Grieg/Clark
This is Halloween by D. Elfman/Gerou
Performed by Charlie

Egyptian Dance adapted from Bacchanale by C. Saint-Saens/Bastien
Performed by Liam and Ms. Laessig

The Merry Widow Waltz by Franz Leher, Arr. by Bastien
Performed by Liam 

Mysterious Mansion by M. Bober
The Munster's Theme by J. Marshall
Performed by Lucas

Chopsticks Here and There by D.C. Glover
Performed by Lucas and Nicholas

March in C by C. Czerny
Funeral March adapted from Sonata Bb minor by F. Chopin/Schaum
Performed by Nicholas

Vesuvius by D. Lanz
Performed by Alex 


Participating teachers: Lorrie Ksiazek, Sally Laessig, Sylvia Rea, Vivian Read


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