Monday, November 11, 2019

Bucks County Association of Piano Teachers Fall and Halloween Recital 2:30PM November 3, 2019 at Jacobs Music in Doylestown

Bucks County Association of Piano Teachers
Fall and Halloween Recital
Jacobs Music
Doylestown, PA
November 3, 2019

Halloween by J. Bastien
Yankee Doodle Traditional
Old McDonald by J. Bastien
Performed by Lauren

Ragtime Do-Si-Do by M. Mier
Hallelujah by M. Mier
Performed by Roman

Hopscotch on Halloween by J. Bastien/L.Bastien
Performed by Lucas

Zoom, Zoom, Witch's Broom by MacLean/N. Faber
Performed by Ella

Cowboy Joe (Duet) by N. Faber/R. Faber 
Performed by Ella with Mrs. Ksiazek

Cool Ghoul by C. Rollin
Race Against the Clock by C. Noona/W. Noona
Performed by Noah

Witch on a Superspeed Broom by M. Mier
Midnight Shadows by M. Mier
Performed by Luke

Calypso Charlie by B. Boyd
Big Green Frog by C. Setliff
Performed by Holly

March of the Gnomes by M. Mier
Performed by Russell

Pumpkin Dance by T. Brown
Creeping Footsteps by M. Leaf
Performed by Katina

Ballade by R. Vandall
Performed by Aidan

Flying Broomsticks by R. Vandall
Tomorrow by C. Strouse
Performed by Meghan

Halloween Bounce by L. Olson
Trick or Treat Night by K. Polhamus
Performed by Sydney

Frightened Fingers by C. Setliff
Halloween Night by A. Demarest
Performed by AugustGrace

Someone You Loved by L. Capaldi
Performed by Lily

Mystic Quest by R. Harstsell
Italian Festival by L.F. Olson
Performed by Claire

Dos Gardenias by I. Carrillo
Hedwig's Theme by J. Williams
Performed by Nicholas

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